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Micro theatre

Micro theatre in Barcelona. From 4 euros at chic&basic hotels

The chic&basic hotels in Barcelona invite you to a micro-experience of theatre. Theatrical proposals in small format, of no more than 20 minutes and for only 4 euros each.

When and where? The schedule and location for each week can be found on the official website:

Keep in mind that it takes place every Wednesday and Thursday at the following chic&basic hotels: chic&basic Lemon (Carrer de Pelai, 6), chic&basic Born Boutique (Carrer de la Princesa, 50) or chic&basic Velvet (Carrer del Consell de Cent, 74).

In the lobby of our hotels you might already run into one of the actors who will help you find your way to the reception.

If you are staying in one of our hotels where the Micro-experience theatre event is held, you will have free access to the performances.

Next to that, if you feel like it, you can also have something to eat or drink in our chic&basic Born Library Lounge or in our chic&basic Velvet Honesty Bar.

H2 What is micro theatre?

Micro theatre is a theatrical format consisting of the representation of stories of short duration (about 15-20 minutes) performed in a small space. This formula encourages the public to be very close to the actors in order to get much more involved in the story. In addition, by limiting personnel and assembly expenses, micro theatre facilitates the introduction of new actors and directors.

The origin of micro theatre. Micro theatre was born in 2009 in Madrid when a group of actors and actresses led by the filmmaker Miguel Alcantud – Diamantes negros (2013), Impulsos (2002) and Anastezsi (2007) took over the building of an old brothel in the capital.

His idea was to occupy each of the 13 rooms of the brothel to offer 13 plays simultaneously. All the pieces were to be of short duration, about 15 minutes, and pose a story around the same theme: “sex for money”.

Playing with that concept, they baptized their initiative with the name “Micro theatre for money” and, at only 3 euros per entry for each of the pieces, soon queues started to form at the entrance.

H2 Micro-experience theatre. The micro-theatre formula at chic&basic hotels

Committed to culture and art born in Barcelona, the chic&basic hotels opt for local theatre with the Micro-experience theatre events.

You can reserve or buy tickets in advance through or at the hotel reception.