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chic&basic was awarded the Photolover 2016 distinction

chic&basic was awarded the Photolover 2016 distinction, granted by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation.

chic&basic once again stood in the forefront of the Catalan capital’s artistic sector, thanks to the collaboration of its hotels in Barcelona in events such as the World Press Photo and the DOCfield chic&Basic Festival, with a recognition that rewards its efforts to present photography to all audiences, an artistic discipline as beautiful as it is full of possibilities.

After Art Photo Bcn 2016, this label became another example of the hotel group's artistic career, which includes events such as Changing Room, the Silvia Prada project, Sight Model Lounge, Weekend Art, and Room Art Fair, among many others.

The Photolover 2016 label of distinction is awarded by Photographic Social Vision, a non-profit organisation focused on expanding the world of documentary photography and photojournalism. To this end it celebrates international events every year, such as the World Press Photo Barcelona and the DOCfield Festival, in which chic&basic has done their part by accommodating photographers to help ensure that all facets of photography reach the maximum number of people possible.

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chic&basic shows its commitment to the world of images by collaborating with the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Festival DOCfield>16, an event organised by the Photographic Social Vision foundation.


chic&basic converted itself into an exhibition space to give voice to the third edition of the Art Photo BCN festival, an initiative of the Art Deal Project gallery that brings photographic creation to all kinds of audiences. chic&basic became the stage where 20 photographers exhibited and explained their works to a professional jury from the art sector.


chic&basic hosted the second edition of Art Photo Bcn. A hybrid event where, in addition to discovering the latest photography by emerging artists, conferences, workshops, and courses were held for the general and specialised public.


Project led by Silvia Prada. This stirring artist created a series of photographs for our chic&basic Born hotel. For this she chose boys and girls on the street and locked them in a hotel room to "play" while she photographed them. The photographs were taken in the rooms as well as in the restaurant and common areas.