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Microtasting theatre

Committed to culture and art from Barcelona, chic&basic hotels supports local theatre with the events of ‘Microtasting’ theatre.

Theatrical pieces in a small format, lasting no more than 20 minutes, for guests and citizens of Barcelona. Every Wednesday and Thursday at our hotels in Barcelona. (Note: Season finished).

What is microtheatre?

Microtheatre is a theatrical format that consists of the representation of short stories (about 15/20 minutes) in a small space. This formula encourages the public to be very close to the actors and thereby being able to get much more involved in the story. In addition, by limiting the costs of personnel and assembly, microtheatre facilitates the introduction of new actors and directors.

Origin of microtheatre.

Microtheatre was born in 2009 in Madrid when a group of actors and actresses led by filmmaker Miguel Alcantud  - Black Diamonds (2013), Impulsos (2002) and Anastezsi (2007) - took over the building of an old brothel in the capital. His idea was to occupy each of the 13 rooms of the brothel to offer 13 plays simultaneously. All the pieces had to be brief, about 15 minutes, and set out a story around the theme: “sex for money”. Playing with that concept, they baptised their initiative with the name “Microtheatre for money” and, at only 3 euros for each pass, long queues soon formed at the entrance.

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