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Start cooltura DJ WYLD: From the jungle with love
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DJ WYLD: From the jungle with love

At chic&basic we love music and we want to share it. Every Friday we organised a dj session with DJ WYLD for people to dance, have fun, and enjoy a good beat.

Saxophones, flutes, guitars, drums, and elegant vocals made DJ WYLD's energetic sets vibrate, always seeking to capture all his musical variety and of course, make his audience dance. Under his slogan “From the jungle, with love”, DJ WYLD combined the wildest sounds with a dose of sweetness, elegance, and good taste.

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The Portuguese duo Schmitz Deejays filled our lobby with “groove” and good music. The Schmitz Deejays are a duo formed by Xminder and Giltz in Lisbon. They started with alternative music styles like indie, rock, and funk. Their career has led them to experiment and evolve in the creation of electronic music, minimal, techno, house, breakbeat and many more styles.