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Fancy a bite? We have a seriously tasty breakfast

Did you dream about The Clash on bagpipe dancing the rumba? It happens.

Time to get all the Scotch out of your system with a delicious breakfast buffet at our Carmina restaurant.

Enjoy our breakfast buffet for the exclusive chic&basic guest price of € 15 (VAT included). Breakfast can be included directly with your booking or booked on the spot at our reception.
Breakfast hours
Monday to Sunday from 07:30 to 11:00.
Book your room with breakfast at Habana Hoose in Barcelona now!

Wicked, innit!

Built around the central glazed patio, overflowing with plants, whose original paintings have been restored. Carmina welcomes you with a warm and dim light to taste traditional dishes in a revitalised tavern.
The space also breathes the atmosphere of a Cuban colonial house and the warm, reddish colors and rattan textures evoke the Caribbean with a cosmopolitan touch. A classic and open kitchen, in orange, contributes to the bustle of the diners and lets one guess the cooking and smells on the menu.

Carmina is going to be legendary

19th century… An old traveller’s house where the best dishes are served for two pesetas for people passing through from all over the world who stopped in Barcelona just to continue on their way, perhaps bound for the Americas from the city's port.

That is the spirit that is embodied in Carmina, a place where traditional Catalan cuisine blends with a modern and unique atmosphere.

Carmina offers comforting tavern cuisine for the young (of spirit) who seek to eat well in a lively environment. Because the joy of prolonging after-meal conversations with drinks and music is another - and not least - of Carmina's attractions. Enjoy our escudella and irresistible cocktails.

Great-granny's kitchen animated with the best cocktails

Grub's up. If you would like to have lunch or dinner at Carmina we advise you to make a reservation upfront (especially in the weekend) to make sure you have a spot.

Lunch 13:00 - 16:00
Dinner 20:00 - 23:00
Bar 07:30 - 01:00 (until 02:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 

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